Petition: NYU must respect workers’ rights at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus

On March 3, 2015, various student and worker groups at NYU launched a petition demanding that NYU redress past wrongs and secure present and future labor rights in Abu Dhabi.

Various members of the Coalition for Fair Labor, along with several student and worker groups at NYU, demand that NYU:

1) Justly compensate the NYUAD construction workers who were jailed and deported

2) Amend NYU’s Statement of Labor Values to recognize the rights of workers on all campuses, particularly freedom of association, the right to strike, and the right to organize and collectively bargain. We demand that NYU work with organizations in the region to implement these changes and ensure meaningful worker representation moving forward.

3) Publicly disclose the Code of Conduct that operationalizes labor standards at NYUAD

4) Implement NYU’s Statement of Labor Values by appointing an independent monitor of labor compliance

5) Initiate cross-campus faculty and student-led research on the current system of migrant labor employed at NYUAD


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