Students & faculty: NYU must respect workers’ rights in Abu Dhabi

Following the release of a Human Rights Watch report last week that documented, for the third time, rights’ violations of workers employed on the NYUAD project on Saadiyat Island, eleven NYU student, faculty and worker groups released a letter today, February 17, demanding that NYU respect workers’ rights in Abu Dhabi and at all global sites.

We demand that NYU:

1) Justly compensate NYUAD construction workers who were jailed and deported
2) Secure workers’ freedom of association, right to organize, right to strike and collectively bargain by amending the Statement of Labor Values
3) Disclose the confidential Code of Conduct
4) Implement the Statement of Labor Values by appointing independent labor compliance monitors

We expect a public response from the Office of the President by March 1, 2015.
For media contacts, please see the press release.

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