About Us

The Coalition for Fair Labor is a faculty-student alliance that advocates high labor standards for employees on NYU projects and promotes solidarity with workers. 

Launched in the wake of NYU’s announcement of its Abu Dhabi portal campus, the Coalition has played an instrumental role in pushing for labor standards in the construction of NYUAD. Many of our recommendations were adopted into NYUAD’s Statement of Labor Values. Others, especially concerning the appointment of an independent labor compliance monitor, were not adopted. Subsequent independent investigations — by Human Rights Watch, The Guardian, and Gulf Labor — have uncovered violations that the official monitor has not found.

As NYUAD’s construction phase nears completion, the Coalition is calling for NYU to take proactive steps to initiate research on reforming the kafala (sponsorship) system that will continue to entrap migrant workers who are building Saadiyat Island and other UAE projects. NYUAD cannot exist as an “island” within Saadiyat Island while construction continues all around it for the next twenty years. Sign our petition at http://chn.ge/1nzQrFE.


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